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Its Rococo on The Rhoda Wilson Show

As an accomplished television presenter, Rhoda recognises the importance of image, in the media “image is everything”. So it comes as no surprise that Rhoda has chosen to speak to the capital’s most successful image consultant on the importance of styling and what choices of fashion says about people.

This show is certainly unmissable as Rhoda and Bukky go through fashion tips, image issues and style etiquette.

Bukky Odusote is a trained image consultant based in London. Her flair and passion for fashion and style resulted in her enrolling on a fashion course at Kensington and Chelsea College, London.

Thereafter she trained as an image consultant with First Impressions and became an affiliate member of the Federation of Image Consultants (TFIC), UK. Bukky has not always been in fashion or image consultancy.

In fact, she studied accountancy and finance as her first degree and worked in accounting & administration in the private and public sectors, a world away from fashion.

However, Bukky’s past roles and experience helped her immensely help in building strong client relationships and organising her time effectively.

From her early years, she had an inclination towards the use of colours to display her creativity and grab attention, making clothes for her sister’s doll. She took her time to plan and dress stylishly for all occasions as she always knew somewhere deep within that personal presentation was paramount in creating positive first impressions.

Bukky was always eager to help friends and family put together colours and styles for their special occasions and little did she know then that she would end up earning a living from what she saw as a hobby that she loved.

Bukky’s image consultancy business It’s Rococo (Rococo is a French term meaning Ornate) boasts clients come from all over the world, including professionals, government officials, MDs of businesses and celebrities.

She also works with those wanting to improve their career prospects or who just want to make the most of themselves.

On The Rhoda Wilson Show, Bukky will be explaining the benefits of using image consultancy to improve confidence and self-esteem; issues that Rhoda herself is an advocate of.

With The Rhoda Wilson Show’s core message being “Inspiring you to Aspire to life” this show is yet another example of how much emphasis Rhoda places on motivation and inspiration to achieve the best in her audience’s lives.

The Rhoda Wilson Show – Every Friday at 10pm BEN TV, Sky Channel 184

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