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Limitless Possibilities are yours.

Today's word asks you to acknowledge your own self worth, free of judgments and restrictions.

The only things we can't do are the one's we believe we can't.

Each new moment in your life is enriched with the fullest potential.

Don't waste anymore of the precious time you have holding yourself down. Make the most out of every opportunity presented to you in each moment of your day.

Know that achieving your fullest potential means willingness to take a risk. Attachment to comfort zones may be keeping you stuck. Move forward, now, without looking back.

When we continually look backwards at all the things that have gone before we stop walking, losing the rich potential of the present moment.

Today's Exercise

Today's exercise is a visualization exercise.

Envision yourself walking along your unique path. Enjoy the stroll, paying attention to all that is around you as you walk.

What do you see? What do you hear?

Don't rush, take a nice leisurely stroll. Embrace the beauty of this walk with wonder.

How does what you see effect your mood? Your outlook?

You are in control of this walk. You choose your path by your reactions to all that goes on around you as you continue your journey.

If you stop to look backwards you have stopped walking.

Don't get stuck on all the things that have gone before, keep moving and looking forward to the awesome potential that waits with each passing step


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