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The Butterfly Love Poem

Love is a powerful dominating emotion that has the power to control our thoughts and actions. We must control our mind in order to control our lives.

Love is a powerful emotion.

More powerful than any emotion known to man.

Her love will pick you up.

Her love will make you dream.

Her love will make you do things you never thought possible.

The love you feel for another human being will make you see the world in a different way.

Suddenly I am aware of the trees, the beautiful green grass.

I can see flowers and birds.

I now appriciate the sun, the moon and the stars.

I feel the fulfilment of this love.

Her love can be like no other.

Her love makes me sing songs. her love makes me jump for joy.

Live your life in a mind of love and feel the joy.

My words to her: "Let me and you see the beauty of the world together"

When I am weak she picks me up.

For this world is a beautiful world, for without your love all this beauty would mean nothing.

I may have betrayed you, I may have hurt you, I may have mistreated you, but by the fear of losing you, my ways, I realise now that I love you. Because of your love.

You have healed a broken man.

Your love has stood the test of time through my trials, troubles and tribulations.

My lady you are and I will live in your joy.

For you are my butterfly love. Live your life in a mind of love and attract the joy and wealth of true LOVE.

The Butterfly Love Poem - written and created by UK author CARL FOSTER.


Copyright © 2010 Carl Foster. All Rights Reserved

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