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The Eureka Moment: Just Call Me A Cultural Creative!

If you know me, you know I am a researcher and a seeker. I am researching and seeking truth in everything about life and living it more abundantly.

Just a few weeks ago I was doing some late night keyword research and I stumbled upon a term I had never seen before – “Cultural Creative”.

I was intrigued by the term and you would have thought I had hit the lottery. I was excited by what I was reading and began to dissect the meaning via the Wikipedia and several online outlets.

I immediately identified with this new tribe of people. What about you?

My Eureka Moment happened in the middle of the Wikipedia when I discovered my tribe, the people who were like me, square pegs, who had created their own square holes.

Cultural Creatives is our name and fulfillment is our life mission!

**The Cultural Creatives: How 50 Million People Are Changing the World is a nonfiction social sciences and sociology book by sociologist Paul H. Ray and psychologist Sherry Ruth Anderson, first published in 2000. [1]

The authors introduced the term "Cultural Creatives" to describe a large segment in Western society that has recently developed beyond the standard paradigm of Modernists or Progressives versus Traditionalists or Conservatives.

Ray and Anderson claim to have found that 50 million adult Americans (slightly over one quarter of the adult population) can now be identified as belonging to this group.

They estimated that there were an additional 80–90 million Cultural Creatives in Europe as of 2000. - **

American society is now divided into 3 main sub-groups:

  1. Traditionalists: 28% of Americans — 54 million people.

  2. Modernists: 47% of Americans — 88 million people.

  3. Cultural Creatives: 25% of the population — 50 million - rapidly grow today!

Are you a Cultural Creative?*

If you agree with 10 or more or the following statements, you are likely to be a Cultural Creative…

  • You love nature and are deeply concerned about its destruction.

  • You are strongly aware of the problems of the whole planet (global warming, destruction of rain forests, overpopulation, lack of ecological sustainability, exploitation of people in poorer countries) and want to see more action to address these problems coming from the private sector as well as government agencies.

  • You are willing to pay more taxes or willing to pay more for consumer goods if you knew the money would go to clean up the environment and stop global warming.

  • It is important for you to help other people and bringing out their unique gifts.

  • You enjoy volunteering for one or more good causes.

  • You see religion and spirituality as important in your life.

  • You desire more equality for women at work, and more women leaders in business and politics.

  • You are concerned about Violence and the abuse of women and children around the world.

  • You desire politics and government spending to put more emphasis on children's education and well-being, on rebuilding our neighborhoods and communities, and on creating an ecologically sustainable future.

  • You are unhappy with both the left and the right in politics

  • You tend to be optimistic about our future and distrust and pessimistic view often supported by the media.

  • You want to be involved in creating a new and better way of life in the world

  • You are concerned about what big corporations are doing in the name of making more profits: downsizing, creating environmental disasters, and exploiting poorer countries.

  • You have your finances and spending under control, and are not concerned about overspending.

  • You dislike all the overemphasis in modern culture on success and “making it”, on consuming and making money.

  • You enjoy people and places that are exotic and different, and like experiencing and learning about other culture.

Therese Prentice is the Bohemian Socialite | Intuitive Lifestyle and Business Strategist.

She is the Creator of and the Founder of Soul Styling Reinvention Studio, Inc., a Lifestyle Company focused on the Art of Bohemian and Holistic Living!

Therese is passionate about helping women connect with their Soul’s DNA (their gifts), allowing them to package and monetize their gifts, story, creativity and expertise so they can Uniquely Experience the Ultimate of Lifestyle Freedom! She believes Lifestyle Freedom is only achieved when a woman connects fully with her Soul’s DNA.

Join the Holistic Lifestyling: Your Dream Life Movement“Where Women Get to Live on the Edge of the Ledge while Experiencing the Magic of their Soul!” Learn more here…

Your Life is waiting when are YOU going to show up? – Therese Prentice Author’s Website Follow this author on Twitter

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