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The Warmth Of Homemade (Poem)

Cooking, freezing, and raspberry jam Beef stew, salmon pie, and egg rolls out of ham

Quick party foods and a hunters breakfast Castle cake, feather bed, and little trees for Christmas

Cakes of Dolphin, Smurf, and Muno too Butterfly, Barbie Doll with thousands of views

Baby items, aprons, and dresses to sew You can make your own maple syrup, you know

Wreaths, snowmen, and Christmas logs are a craft Helping toddlers make bird food is always a laugh

Peanut butter, sugar, and chocolate chip cookies Banana oatmeal, no bake, and centrepiece of crispys

Deer meat lasagna and savoury stuffed shells Leftover turkey meal with stuff off your shelves

Pumpkin carving, candy apples, and nature hunt fun Accessories for creative cakes and rolls of cinnamon

Game night quesadillas and wraps too More is in store and waiting for you

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