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Weekly Bible Study: Jesus is Coming Again

Join Faith Restoration Ministries Int’l for our weekly Bible Study on Talkshoe Radio or Dial 724 444 7444 ID 11171# Tuesday October 17, 2017 @ 6:00 pm EST

Topic: Jesus is Coming Again. Are you Prepared and Ready?

We have heard from the time we were born that Jesus is coming again, but it may seem to be a myth to some people who are wondering why He is only Coming, but has not arrived as yet.

What could be keeping Him? Can we still believe what the Word says?

Still, while for some this message may seem to be a myth, the Body of Christ still holds the belief that His return is real!

Jesus is coming back and we must be prepared and ready.

Keep in mind that it is one thing to be prepared; but are you ready? It is a good thing to be ready; but are you prepared? There is a difference.

Let us keep this fact fresh in our minds as we do all that is required of us to be prepared and ready so that we do not lose the reality of Jesus’ return.

Jesus is coming back again and we must be prepared and ready. Each day is a time of preparation and readiness!

This program is brought to you by Faith Restoration Ministries Int’l

Host Dr. Barbara is a licensed pastoral counsellor, author, Christian educator and conference speaker.

If you need help you may reach her at 678 964 4096 or send an Email You may also visit the Bookstore at Faith Restoration Ministries Int’l for digital and hard copy inspirational books.

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