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This, my Sista-friends, is my very first blog entry ever!

I know people who spend their lives bouncing the keys of their laptops up and down, almost causing steam as they are enthusiastically social networking with old friends, new friends and people they have never met that want to be their friends!

Some swear by Facebook and the like as a cure for loneliness or the perfect way to connect with the universe but my excuse is time.

"I have a life!" I tell myself - "A busy life where Facebook and Tagged and whatever else will simply be another distraction and reason not to get things done.!"

But I find myself in a massive hotel room on my own preparing for a show I am doing the next day and it's the first time I have actually carried my laptop with me (and considering the weight of it and the fact it does not fit neatly into my designer handbag in the same way that my Blackberry does, it may be the last!)

But considering the situation, it felt like the perfect time to commence this blog thing that keeps so many in touch with other mortals.

So here I am........doing my Carrie Bradshaw in Sex in the City impersonation. I have a glass of chilled water with lemon on the table as I can't have a Baileys or cool cocktail as I'm still recovering from a serious migraine.

I did have a gorgeous almond and pear tart as dessert with my room service meal as an alternative form of decadence. My partner has called to check that I'm OK - or simply to check that I have not gone out raving or entertaining some buff toyboy in his absence.

My daughter Marley has sent me a kiss down the telephone line and told me that she loves me - so the rest of the evening is mine.

So what makes the perfect blog? I haven't got a clue.

Do I pour out the inner feelings of my soul to the world and leave myself vulnerable or share the fact that minutes after I'd sent a message to my good friend Angie telling her how my Dad had just had a stroke and that someone had cloned my debit card she was on the phone faster than I could say 'help!' - now that is friendship - that is Sistahood.........and that is why we all need our buddies.

Dad is thankfully on the mend and stable. His resilience only serves to make me realise how valuable life is, how we cannot take our lives for granted and how every day above the ground is a blessing.

That 'Once a man, twice a child' saying is so apt but when it's your parents or the person that has held your hand through the peaks and throughs of life then it's harder and deeper to deal with.

On a positive note, it is just another crisis that has served to bring my family closer together and I am more than blessed to have the universe dictate that I have diamond people in my life. I pray that you, my friends, are just as blessed.

While I am typing away the television is on and there was a white band performing at Glastonbury called 'The Ting Tings! I don't know why I found that so funny.

They probably got a profound and plausible excuse as to why they have chosen such a name. They are probably selling millions of records and living large - so could quite easily be called 'Pooper Scooper.' such is the times that we live in.

I am actually trying to catch the highlights of Wimbledon to see the awesome William sisters who once again kicked ass! I am so proud of them as I'm sure many of you are.

On the subject of pride, I've gotta say how excited I am by the way this SistaTalk site is growing and developing.

It's great and certainly encourages technically incompetent folk like me to have a bash -simply to stay in touch with you all.

One day a day take on the world. ............this wasn't entitled 'Whatever' for nothing!

Bless you all and continue doing the amazing things you are doing that make you PHENOMENAL WOMEN!


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