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Who Is Ava Brown?

Having begun my life in St Elizabeth, Jamaica, my inspiring journey tells the story of how I went from a country girl to a corporate queen.

It is my belief that struggles are only temporary that has allowed me to transform my life, and earned me a successful career in business, motivational speaking, training, and mentoring.

Inspired by iconic matriarchs such as Oprah Winfrey and Maya Angelou, I strive to empower women from all backgrounds to embrace their situation and overcome adversity in order to develop into strong, successful mothers, wives, and career women.

Growing up in Jamaica, I was one of nine children and spent much of my time selling mangoes on the suburban streets of St Elizabeth.

Despite often missing school in order to earn the money that the family desperately needed, I retained my unquenchable thirst for education.

It was this instilled drive and desire to achieve my dreams that empowered me to make my ambition of inspiring others a reality. I qualified as a teacher and went on to study a US-based business degree before moving to the UK in 2002, to work as a teacher, accompanied by my three year old daughter Chardonae.

It was at this point, that I decided to follow my heart and pursue my dreams of becoming a business woman. Completing an MBA, my achievements reflect my can-do attitude to life and my determination to achieve my goals.

Today, I thrive in my position as Global Business Development Manager in the maritime sector.

Now living in Croydon with a family of my own, I am driven by the desire to create a strong legacy for my children that will ensure they never have to undergo the struggles I experienced in my early life.

In addition to my desire to become a successful, multi-faceted business woman, my ultimate dream is to become an established author and host my very own talk show, which I hope will act as an instrument to reach a wider audience of women.

The highlight of my career to-date was when I was invited to be a guest on the high profile, Jamaican talk show, Profile.

This was a particularly poignant moment for me who, as a young child growing up in Jamaica, had always aspired to sit in that chair but never felt it was possible. Fulfilling this lifelong ambition was a truly special moment for me.

When I not working, I dedicate my time to my other passion – my children. I have a love of travel and, loves nothing more than, “hopping on a plane and discovering somewhere new.”

I am one of life’s go getters. I am ambitious, steadfast, and perseverant. I am also highly focussed and determined to reach my full potential, regardless of the barriers have faced.

Being a positive thinker, I believe that with the right attitude, all obstacles can be overcome.

One thing is for certain, I don’t let life’s challenges stand in my way, instead I seek to find the positive in all of life’s experiences, drawing upon them to become a stronger person.

The one thing that I Ava hope others will take away from my triumphant story is that

“you should never allow where you’re from to limit your possibilities."

I hope that, through my motivational speaking, I can inspire this attitude in others.

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