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Why Invest in Brand Identity?

Brand is the “name, expression, design, symbol, or any other feature that defines one seller’s good or service as different from those of other sellers."

A logotype is where a corporate identity development start: the most characteristic element of a company. But logos are not brands, they are simply statements of brands.

Brands are what audiences think and feel about a company or a psychological relationship with a firm and its customers/clients.

“A brand isn’t a brand to you until it develops an emotional connection with you.”
 - Daryl Travis

Why Do You Need to Invest in Brand Identity?

1. It Creates An Easy Environment For Customers To Buy

Brand identity can help you create a perception of the company that differs from its competitors. Identity gives uniqueness to a company, which can create a great advantage over competitors as well as creating customer loyalty.

2. Goods/Services Can Be Sold Easily Brand Identity builds awareness about the company -such as its strengths and uniqueness -across different cultures. When you are in a selling position in a company, your brands identity help you sell the goods/services easily as it communicates with your audiences, creates a unique value proposition of your company so customers remain focused on the company values.

3. Helps to Built ‘Brand Equity’ Helps building public awareness whether you are a public company, small company or a non-profit one. Increased recognition is always useful for a company for its growth and future success.

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