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WOW - What Do You Have in Common with Obama, Branson an Oprah?

With everyone out there competing to be heard, how do you get people to hear your message above the noise of the crowd?

I've often thought about that question as there are so many people with similar things to say but what I found is we tend to hear from the same people most of the time.

It's not that our messages are not as important as theirs but that they have a different way of telling it that an audience will respond to.

Your audience want to hear from you but they‘ll only take action when they resonate with what they hear.

A story or message that they can take identify with as their own. Think of Barack Obama, Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey they all have a powerful story beyond what they do for a living. So do you, but the way you tell it is key

Successful People Always Have a Story - What’s Your Story?

Do you know how to tell it so that it’s meaning lingers with your audience enough to create a connection?

If you are not creating and telling your story, someone else will tell it for you!! (sometimes with disastrous results!) It is up to you, to watch your words an use them wisely.

ON Saturday, June 27th the WOW Seminar team invite you to Watching Our Words (WOW) at the Hilton London Tower Bridge

The WOW seminar is a journey and part three of the WOW Seminar series, shows you how the power of your word can leave a lasting impact and create the outcome you desire in life.

As well as discovering the spiritual essence of words, you will release the unique story that people will remember you for, learn from leading experts in memory so you never again forget what to say, experts in communication will show you to deliver high impact connectivity with any audience and a master storyteller, will demonstrate how to deliver a message that delivers lasting results. (Suitable for networkers, business owners, professionals and community leaders)

This is a seminar like no other, your transformation begins the moment you step foot in the door at the prestigious Hilton London Tower Bridge, spend the evening luxuriously, banquet-style for the WOW Seminar, plus enjoy live-entertainment as we celebrate the WOW transformation and end the night networking exclusively with forward expansive thinkers.

The WOW seminar is delivered by some of the most inspirational speakers and trainers, receiving outstanding feedback from attendees.

READ WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING - These comments are from previous WOW attendees

"The positive energy and the powerful words and messages. The organised way it was conducted and the people I met. More than I hoped for. I didn’t know what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised." - Alex Watson
"Better than expected. A new approach for learning" - Bobby Holder
"Interactive. achievable realistic techniques." - Adelaide Mackenzie
"This was a real reflective change transformation seminar it over delivered." - Victor Granville
"Enjoyed being there, great venue, great planning, great turn out, great performance. Job well done!" - Viv Ahmun - Equanomics UK

HEAR FOR YOURSELF - During a live radio interview with Sophia Bailey, about the WOW seminar, attendee after attendee called in to share what they got out of their WOW Transformation. Listen to this interview to them speak about it for youself

You've read it, you've heard it now BE IN IT for yourself - All these people can't be wrong so come along and experience YOUR WOW transformation

TICKETS ARE JUST £37, get yours at

"You gave me so much value for money! Excellent event, thank you" - Karen Power


  • BONUS 1: Attendees of this event, receive one month access to training from James Malinchak, trainer & marketer of the worlds top speakers

  • BONUS 2: View Sophia Bailey's profile page to see a special promotional code just for members of this social network!

Tell your friends and be a part of the seminar evening that could be the best year of your life!

We look forward to welcoming you,

WOW Seminar Team


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