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Career Progression During COVID - Event Highlights

Our Career Progression During COVID event took place on the 26 November, with over 100 people registered to attend. Executive Career Coaches Carol Stewart, Janice Taylor and Obehi Alofoje, (all listed in the Diverse Executive Coach Directory) joined me to discuss:

  • With many roles changing, how should we adapt in response?

  • How can you demonstrate the value you bring?

  • How can you position yourself for success – now and in the future?

We received fabulous feedback:

"Really useful insights and tips, thank you." - Sarah A.
"Very interesting and a lot to catch on and learn." - Sophie Z
"Some really good insights thank you panel and really good questions" - Collett R. - Admin VA
"I wanted to thank Jenny and all the speakers this evening. Truly inspirational. Loved the session! Thank you" - Paula S.
"Brilliant Session….Thank you!" - Tessa M.
"Thank you Jenny and coaches, a really insightful discussion." - Tricia W.
"Thank you so much Coaches for your input and insightful knowledge." - Millie X.

Below are some clips from our discussion, we hope that our insights will provide useful advice and renewed resolve to navigate your career during this challenging time.

Career Progression – How does the current uncertainty impact careers? [11 mins]

Career Progression – What are the Skills and Qualities that you need for career advantage during COVID? [10 mins]

Career Progression – Is this the time for introverted Leaders to thrive? [3 mins]

Career Advice – Top tips for Senior Leaders to position themselves for success during COVID [4 mins]

Career Progression – How can you increase your profile in the virtual world at work? [5 mins]

Career Advice – How do you make a career change during COVID? [5 mins]

Career Progression – Tips on starting a new role during COVID , Virtual onboarding, Virtual Induction [5 mins]

Career Progression – How do you explain a gap in your CV? And some Coaching Questions to help you continue to reflect on your career. [8 mins]

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