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Change is a natural process. Everything and everyone changes. Our bodies change, nature changes, technology changes. We can’t get away from the fact that change just happens - whether we like it or not.

We don’t have to instruct our bodies to change, or tell a cut finger to heal, or instruct a child to grow. Nature and the ‘powers that be’ take care of that. In my coaching sessions I use the scenario of going on a journey.

I often say to clients

“If you leave the coaching session and walk home could you walk in an absolutely straight line?”

Everyone always says no. They would have to walk around people, through doors, cross roads etc. Then I say

"So why do most people expect to travel throughout life in a straight line with no challenges, barriers or change in direction?"

Challenges are as inevitable as change as they provide opportunities for us to grow, when we find ways to overcome them.

You would’nt give up on going home because there was a bus stop in your way. Would you?. No. You would find a way around it.

So, when faced with challenges in life you are required to find a way around or over them. Rather than allowing them to stop you from growing or fulfilling your dreams. I realised that by fighting change or allowing myself to be stunted by challenges stops my natural progession. Because change is inevitable I found that I can either go with the flow and learn from it or be dragged backwards kicking and screaming. I now embrace my challenges as a form of natural progression - which in time always uncovers the beauty of my journey. Dionne x


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