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German-Born Nigerian Writes Recession-Busting Book For Every Household

In a time of austerity cuts and economic uncertainty across the world, Tokie Laotan-Brown’s guide to managing a household budget is a must have book for families and individuals who are keen to make their money go further.

As a busy professional woman, wife and mother, Tokie is all too aware of what it takes to make every penny count.

By using her own experiences and undertaking research, Tokie was able to compile this easy to read 10-step guide to household money management.

Her interest in money-management stems from her time working as a consultant in money and portfolio management for 5 years.

“10 Steps to Managing your household budget” provides readers with useful financial management tools to assess how their household expenditure is utilised. From managing household bills to understanding where most money is spent, the book is an insightful tool in becoming more adept at personal financial management.

About The Author

Born in Wurzburg, Germany to Nigerian parents, Tokie Laotan-Brown is currently undertaking a joint Phd Program in Economics and Techniques for the Conservation of the Architectural and Environmental Heritage at the University of Nova Gorica and Universita Iuav di Venezia, Italy.

Tokie currently works as a property manager and as a consultant in the housing sector, as an environmental architectural technologist.

With a background in Sustainable Construction and Architectural Technology, she hopes to travel extensively to Africa, Central and North America, and Central and Eastern Europe to study how environmentally sensitive homes and communities are affected during pre and post occupancy periods.

Tokie is a member of the Black Designers Showcase in America (BIDS), Construction Industry of Builders (CIOB) in Ireland and UK-Green Building Council.

In June 2004Tokie was an independent candidate for the local elections in Galway.

Tokie was a Mayor Awards nominee in 2005 and An Image Awards Nominee in 2007.

Tokie’s portrait was commissioned along with 11 other women for a Calendar as one of the most influential women in Galway in 2006. This was done for the Galway Rape Crisis Centre.

She has also worked on various housing projects within the Galway city council as a spatial policy committee member from 2004 to 2007.

Tokie currently resides with her husband and 3 kids in Athenry, Galway.

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