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Hannah Pool and Bernardine Evaristo - International Women's Day Event

As well as the launch of the new website, something else the Precious team is excited about is our forthcoming International Women's Day event on March 13. I have been an admirer of Hannah Pool for ages. I used to buy The Guardian at weekends specifically to read her black beauty column, The New Black.

After sitting next to her at last year's British Book Awards (we were both guests of the Arts Council Decibel team) I began plotting (yes plotting!) a way for Precious to work with her. I'd recently re-read her book, My Father's Daughter when it occurred to me that this year's International Women's Day should be about celebrating women of colour and the written word.

I'm delighted to say that when I approached Hannah to speak, she was immediately positive and keen to take part. Similarly Bernardine Evaristo; Precious interviewed her about 7 years ago and it's brilliant to see that she has now become one of the UK's most prolific female writers. We are even more chuffed that she can join us, as she is flying out to China the very next day. It's all shaping up to be a really good evening. We still have a few tickets left so why not come and join us

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