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How I Found Me

We all want ‘happily ever after'. From earliest childhood we buy into that dream, so we’re ill-prepared when life kicks us up the backside.

Events that challenge our fairytale beliefs often come in unwelcome packages: life-threatening illness, divorce, grief and loss, even major surgery, or a terrified mother rushing her nearly blue baby to the hospital.

Around these landmarks Deborah tells a story of overcoming fears, disappointment, pain and prejudice, of divorce, of growing confidence, and of arriving at the understanding to bring it all into context.

FINDING ME – A Life in Transition tells the story of one woman's determination to succeed.

Through the bleakness and uncertainty this calmly maturing woman puts life into context.

She is more determined than ever. Her confidence surges. Experience tells her that a greater power will always open ways for her to follow her dreams.

Deborah says:

‘We hold myths and illusions about most things, and especially personal relationships. I my book, I share some of the ‘perils’ I encountered on my journey to and through divorce. And, because I viewed it from a spiritual perspective: did away with blame, anger and resentment, I realised that my twenty-one-year marriage had been a tremendous opportunity. Not only to dispel the fairytale myths and erroneous societal beliefs I’d held, but an opportunity to become a bigger, and much more developed woman. On this journey of discovery into my life I know, without a doubt, that my life, in spite of the seemingly never-ending challenges, is immensely rich. Along with that richness comes an unforeseen freedom. I've grown in the face of adversity. I’ve never felt happier, exceedingly young at fifty-eight!! Why? Because I see every situation I encounter as an enrichment, no matter what it happens to be. And I discard that which is toxic - no matter what package that poison comes wrapped in!

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