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Is 50 The New 40?

As the dulcet tones of Auld Lang Syne faded and the last clinks of the champagne glasses ceased, it suddenly dawned on me that there is only 3 more New Year’s Eve celebrations before I am 50 years old!

The fact that I would soon be 50 was a stark realisation as to how quick life was passing by. It did not seem that long ago since I was celebrating my 21st birthday on a boat sailing down the river Thames.

Where have the years gone?

I am now closer to 50 than I am 40. Being 47 this year means I am now truly what you call middle age. Does this mean that I will have the mid-life crisis that you so often hear about?

When I look in the mirror, apart from the odd grey hair and the laughter lines around the eyes that seem to linger for longer, the face I see looking back at me is the same face I saw at 30.

I recall a conversation with a client last year where she talked about feeling invisible at the age of 52.

She was no longer getting the attention from the opposite sex that she used to get when she walked down the road. Have I got this to look forward to over the next few years?

I remember as a child that women of this age group seemed ancient (note to self, ask my young nieces and nephews how they see me).

At this age, sometimes it is difficult knowing how to dress. Not wanting to appear as mutton dressed as lamb but not quite ready to resign to the rocking chair and the latest edition of Peoples Friend (is this still around?), for me it is about finding a balance.

I still want to look trendy but classy and chic at the same time.

They say older women should keep their hair short but after wearing mine short for the past 5 years, last year I decided to grow it. Oh well, maybe when I do get to 50 in 3 years time, I will reinvent myself and go back to a short crop, (probably silver by then) style.

So what are the good things that I can look forward to: -

  • Only 13 years to go till I get my Freedom Pass

  • Younger people giving their seats up for me on public transport

  • Playing ignorance when I can’t be bothered to do something and blaming it on my age

  • Being called ‘Auntie’ by strangers as a mark of respect for an older woman

Seriously though, I believe that mid-life is a time when women come in to their own. We’ve weeded out the crap and know what it is that we do not want.

For many of us, we are more likely to want to be true to who we are and pursue our passion. With this comes a renewed confidence in ourselves as we finally get to become the woman we are meant to be.

However, for some women this can be a difficult time as they struggle to discover their true selves. I work with many women in their 40s and 50s, even 60s, who are going through mid-life career change.

They have been in a particular profession for many years and now realise that this is not making them happy but are not sure what it is that they want to do or can do. If this is you, contact me here for a chat to explore your possibilities.

In this economic climate many women are being forced in to making a mid-life career change due to redundancy.

For some, this can be pretty scary, not knowing what it is that they will do or even want to do.

However, you do not need to go through this alone. Contact me here for a chat to help you put your mind at ease and to put your situation in to perspective.

My forties have been a roller coaster of feelings, emotions and experiences. I have been through a significant career change and I am finally pursuing my passion.

As I approach 50, I am more confident, more content and more fulfilled than I have ever been. Like a fine wine, we get better as we mature.

So, if 50 is the new 40, I say “bring it on!”

Please share your comments as to how approaching 50 has been or was for you?


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