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Make This Your Annus Mirabilis - Just A Week to Go!!

Dear Sistas

You have probably heard this before, 'Make This Your Best Year Yet!', maybe not described as an 'Annus Mirabilis', meaning a 'Wonderful Year' but this would no doubt have been the clarion call that saw us all smile in a New Year.

After all, 2013 was an 'annus horribilis' for many and so this new one could only be better.

As February came and went, many of us would possibly have been reminded, perhaps somewhat unromantically, that we still had a way to go to achieve our goals, realise our dreams and fulfil our aspirations for bigger, better, best.

If you are ready - really ready - for your life career (not just work but all areas of your life) to take off, for positive changes and transformation to take place in your life, to bring more of who you already are into being and to experience more of what you truly want and desire, then check this out.

But first, I'd like to prepare you by quoting Albert Einstein, the renowned physicist, who aptly stated "we cannot solve problems with the same thinking that was used when we first created."

An Urban Soul Therapy experience gifts you with a different and totally unique way of helping you to solve many of the problems and remove the stumbling blocks you may be encountering in your life.

Alternative therapy, holistic treatments and lifestyle coaching for the contemporary woman. Candace Pert tells us that as human beings we are wired for bliss, I believe it is our birthright to be happy why not make this your year to be so!

Until March 31st, Urban Soul Therapy Promotional Offer

£69.00 for up to 90-minute session

Offer includes FREE 15 mins initial telephone consultation and feedback report via phone or email. (Usually £60 p/hour) Check out Urban Soul Therapy website for more details and to book

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