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One Conversation Could Change Your Life

If you have connected with Therese Prentice, you know Virtual Tea is the main way I connect and build my network of amazing women, who I know, like and trust!!

It amazes me how many women fail to connect when I extend the offer or ask me some really crazy questions before they are willing to connect.

When you are very clear about what you want in everything you do, you get amazing results.

When I set out to host Virtual Tea with women I meet online, my intention is always to get to know the person on the other end of the phone line or Skype.

The intention for Virtual Tea is always the same I am interested in Joint Venture opportunities, speaking engagements, collaborations and simply amazing relationships.

One of the amazing Virtual Tea’s I had a few weeks ago turned into an amazing Joint Venture Partner by the name of Melissa Mezzalira (

All I can say, we immediately connected and then began to formulate the way we could support each other.

What we created during our Virtual Tea is an amazing new project entitled “Dress Up Your Soul™”. It amazes me, how connected we are on a Soul level.

Melissa is an amazing Image Consultant and Stylist, who is a native of Italy and currently living in South Florida, which happens to be my second home.

Remain Open…The energy and Intentions set in a simple Virtual Tea could change the course of your life forever.

The moral of this story is when you are asked to have a conversation while building your business online or offline, be careful who you brush off and refuse to connect with fully.

Always remember that opportunities come through people and people are the ones who are requesting to connect with you via email, live events, or simply on a social network.

At the end of the day, a successful business is built based on relationships with your clients and your network. Be open to allowing opportunities to flow into your life with ease and grace.

I am so grateful for my new joint venture partner and friend Melissa Mezzalira! Make sure you stop by and visit her and tell her I sent you! Stay tuned for more information about “Dress Up Your Soul™” as Melissa and I unveil our upcoming projects!

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