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Push, Push, Push ... It WILL Move!

PUSH is a method I have created that allows you to:

  • Have a cash flow template for your business that is realistic.

  • Have a cash flow that allows you to have all you want.

  • Have a cash flow that takes you comfortably to the next level.

Aim to PUSH your accounting ability forward and get financially fit.

The business owners that survive a recession are the owners who have taken action, gain skills and become proactive.

The demand for business owners to be on top of their game and in control of their finances has never been more essential.

Now is the time to take note of your finances, work smarter and not harder; constantly keep one eye on your financial position.

Being able to produce an effective cash flow system that supports your business needs, wants and lifestyle is not easy to achieve, however taking basic steps ensures that you budget for the essential bills, plan for the non-essential and have a fund to support any given opportunity that may come your way!

I haven't met one business owner who likes dealing with their accounts, not one!

However, the owners who learn to understand the financial elements and the importance of financial education are the winners.

It is my ultimate goal to inspire business owners to have fun with their accounts.

That's why I turn accounting on its head! A simple, effective solution to everyone saying their books are upside down!

If you are ready to become financially fit and take control my advice is:

  1. Start connecting with your accounts,

  2. Don't be afraid, it can be inspiring and very effective.

  3. Gain the knowledge you need fast

Creating a Cash Flow template with PUSH in mind will empower you to go out and develop the best company you can.

It links your lifestyle, your business needs and wants effectively to your sales activity and brings in the CASH!

P = Plan your activities

U = Utilise the resources available to you

S= Search for new streams of income

H = Hold the funds you accumulate

For more details on how to implement 'PUSH' into your thoughts and business actions

Join the #CoffeeAndCashMeeting conservation on Twitter or BOOK an exclusive Financial Focus Master Class Plus+.

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