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Start Something New - 20 Ideas to Jump Start the Process

'Learn something new every day' is a statement I intend to do more of. OK, may be not everyday, but a lot more often than I have been.

Being exposed to the new is refreshing for the mind and your creative inspiration. Adding new projects, challenges, hobbies etc.. to your life can release more ideas and inspiration, plus relax you (depending on the project).

If you are doing something new, you are adding to your skill set, your creative mind and getting out of the normal routine you can get stuck in.

Plus the most great part is that you will find enjoyment in something new.

You may find you are pretty awesome at doing it and its one more thing you can cross off your bucket list.

My 6 New Challenges I Intend to Jump Into Are
  1. Start a project where I can help a group of people which is not business related. With so many business projects, I want to relax and work on something totally different from what I am used to.

  2. Read at least 1 book a month. At present i am reading Nelson Mandela’s Way Lessons on life. I started reading it on a recommendation from a blogger. Then a week later of getting it from the library Nelson Mandela died. I am surprised that i am enjoying the book so much its not what i expected. It’s an education on each page I read.

  3. My 9 year old son wants to help other children learn their times-tables via video so I am helping him reach his goal. Start them young.

  4. I am going to give so much more, and in so many different ways. When you give, you receive twofold and I have over the past years. I plan on continuing the momentum.

  5. I will continue to read a bible verse a day. I used to do this before i went to bed but of course there’s an app for that now. So now a bible verse gets sent to me every day on my phone.

  6. I defiantly want to learn how to computer code.

So that’s my 6 ways of doing something new. What will yours be?

I know there are so many different things you could be starting.

Just the fact of finding one that fits you could be a challenge. Well the only way to avoid that is to just start and start small. But start.

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