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THE Business Network for Black Women is HERE!

Updated: Feb 26

We're Back! We're Black! We're Open for Business

The last four years has been a difficult period for the NBWN, one dedicated to being THE business network for Black and women of colour, and we were unable to function at the highest standard that our members demanded.

This was due to a number of personal and professional issues that included (but not limited to) :-

  1. A lack of motivation to keep the network relevant, focused and on track.

  2. Regular health issues which not only contributed to the numerous setbacks, it meant a loss of discipline and control (read more about those here).

  3. Aligning with situations and circumstances which closed off the ‘virtuosity’ that was the network’s spark

No matter what ideas, insights or inspirational burst happened, nothing was working to bring the network back to where it belonged.

Actions felt like spiritually, emotionally and physically climbing out of a bucket of manure.

The network was trying to navigate and transform in the female and DE&I spectre in the darkness with the loss of faith, vision and more importantly the desire to overcome this negativity.

A Business Network for Black Women Is Essential

The network needed a new perspective; a new viewpoint but more importantly a new energy.

This professional standoff was not to shut down the network but give it a much needed personal MOT in order to ‘Motivate, Overcome and Thrive.’

We had to have the tenacity to be steadfast in our desire to actualise our mission whilst transforming the lives of our members.

The network cannot get into fifth gear if it cannot even move out of ‘first!’

There would be no progress because the network was operating on the wrong platforms; with the wrong partners and taking a direction that was moving it away from the vision where we wanted to create a vibrant, empowering and dynamic place for its members.

The desire was still there and eventually the ‘ahh ahh’ moment broke through.

Not to be ageist but just like the original bionic woman the network’s sense of enlightenment came from the mantra

"we can rebuild you. We have the technology. We have the capability. We will be better than before. Better, stronger, faster!"

So How Did This Show Up?

Building on the previous work of our network pioneers, sponsors and stakeholders the network was able to attract an influx of new talent with intelligence and passion to help propel us into a new chapter.

This would help us to drive the new direction and passion with greater optimism and commitment to deliver for our members.

This injection of new energy from our new team is igniting a sense of renewed purpose and unwavering commitment.

We are more optimistic than ever, as our collective dedication to our members is stronger and more focused than before.

Together, we embark on this journey with a resolute determination to deliver meaningful and impactful experiences, building on the solid foundation of those who paved the way before us, so that helps us to come back brimming with energy and enthusiasm.

We will be offering you a multitude of empowering events, inspiring collaborations with strategic industry and political partners.

If that is not enough, there will also be a range of powerful programmes to boost your professional and business acumen and a plethora of other platforms to spotlight exceptional trailblazers in the global business and industry world.

Going forward we are dedicated and excited to showcasing the remarkable achievements of women and fostering a supportive community that propels us all toward their greatest aspirations.

The network is reinvigorated to empower women (and its allies) to accomplish their highest aspirations and goals with increased drive and motivation.

As we build on the network going forward we are going to focus on remaining authentic in our actions to help women catapult their careers, businesses and political aspirations.

Panel at NBWN's Amplified Voice: Saluting Sisterhood event in 2023.

Source: King's Business School

We’re Black

Nothing before it’s time”

This principle was a challenging lesson to embrace when both our team and supporters yearned for a faster relaunch of the network than I believed was feasible.

Yet, now I know that the timing of this launch is perfect, coincided as it did with Black History Month 2023.

It's a tribute to the remarkable dedication of our supporters, who generously and tirelessly contributed to ensure that 'We're Back!' at just the right moment.

All credit to the team at CubeSquared.Digital, our incredible technical partners would help drive the new website and all its new features forward. We can't recommend them highly enough. If you need a website or any kind digital marketing expertise, check them out.

For women in business, leadership, or politics, this month presented an ideal opportunity for the Black community to introspect; celebrate achievements and highlight both excellence and resilience.

At the same time, it's a crucial moment to contemplate our position in the world as we move ahead.

Is the Ongoing Surge of DE&I Initiatives Still of Paramount Importance for Women?

Amid the relentless pursuit of equal pay, career growth, social justice and upward mobility, The NBWN continues to stand as a resolute symbol of perseverance and unwavering commitment for change.

We strive to vividly showcase the combined endeavour necessary to champion equity and impartiality, ultimately playing a pivotal role in shaping a future that is not only more diverse and inclusive but also characterised by equity and fairness.

In the future, the NBWN's mission is to progress with a vivid and inspiring vision with its partners who share our values.

We will spark a deeper passion for strengthening and empowering its devoted members and supporters so we continue to establish businesses that are not just sustainable but also economically prosperous.

We will persist in our efforts to assist women in transcending the obstacles of bias, discrimination and microaggressions, among others, which impede their progress in the workplace.

By continuing to work with a diverse range of strategic partners we aim to support women to cultivate careers that empower them to excel, advocate and make a lasting impact within authentic, equitable and inclusive workplaces.

Our objective is to unite our collective strength and commitment in the pursuit of our mutual objectives, with an ever-heightened focus and unwavering determination to make positive change.

This will ensure our members have access to the support, information and connections they require to navigate their respective visions strategically.

As we embark on this transformative journey, the question that stands before us is not merely whether we are open for business, but how resolutely and creatively we will strive to make our business environment one that thrives on diversity, equity and inclusion.

Our commitment to these principles not only reflects the enduring spirit of Black History Month but also shapes a future where all voices are heard and all talents are recognised.

Through our initiatives and activities, the NBWN strives to set a high standard for opportunity and progress, embodying the ideals of diversity, equity and inclusion in every facet of our journey.

We’re Open for Business

a collection of business women networking in a social setting.

As we tread carefully into 2024, with all its challenges, our doors are open and we are embarking on an inspiring journey, which we are thrilled to bring you along and this is how we will do it.

Our events are the vibrant heart of our mission, tailored to educate, evolve and empower.

We will be providing a diverse range of events spanning business summits; professional workshops, transformative coaching sessions and insightful conversations with industry leaders; offers a dynamic tapestry of opportunities for growth and excellence.

Whether you seek to sharpen your entrepreneurial acumen, advance your professional journey, or delve into inspiring discussions with experts, our events are designed to fuel your ambition and ignite your potential.

The NBWN is YOUR gateway to knowledge, networking and a shared commitment to success.

Join us in this exciting journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and meaningful connections, where each event is a stepping stone to your triumphant future. #YouBelongHere.

Our Spotlight on Success

The NBWN has always been dedicated to spotlighting pioneers, trailblazers and advocates who not only champion progress in their careers, businesses and political endeavours, but also serve as prominent role models for our future leaders.

The question we pose to you is, "How strong is your desire to drive change?"

Rest assured, we're here to assist you.

Dive into our Spotlight section, where you'll find compelling life stories that not only ignite your motivation but also offer practical insights to conquer challenges, foster resilience and maintain unwavering determination as you pursue your aspirations.

This is your opportunity to take your next steps toward success. Our Evolve members also get the opportunity to be featured in their very own Spotlight amongst many other benefits.

Exploring our Blogosphere

Make sure not to miss out on our compelling blog collections, a priceless resource tailor-made for business and corporate leaders.

There are blogs from the NBWN team (as this one is), but hundreds written by our incredible SistaTalk community.

You'll discover an inspiring tapestry of innovative thought leaders, influential voices, industry experts and like-minded peers across diverse fields.

They generously impart the most cutting-edge information, company updates, industry wisdom and insights to keep you at the forefront of emerging trends, fostering enlightening and empowering dialogues.

These blogs serve as a wellspring of wisdom, designed to enlighten, educate and inspire you to embrace critical and creative thinking.

Above all, they offer an unparalleled opportunity for personal and interactive engagement. This is why we want you to feel free to leave comments, pose inquiries and provide your invaluable feedback.

It's completely FREE to be part of this vibrant community where knowledge and collaboration converge to propel you and your business forward.

Unlocking Your Potential

Our in-person and online training programmes (free to subscribers) are the catalyst for transformation, designed to elevate your skills and propel your career to new heights.

Spanning a spectrum of spheres including business, professional development, coaching and more; these programmes are your gateway to empowerment and expertise.

Embrace the opportunity to sharpen your business acumen, fine-tune your professional journey and unlock your true potential. Our curated content, designed by industry experts, ensures that you not only stay ahead of the curve but also emerge as a leader in your field.

And there is much, much more when you join our vision.

While we're eager to share the many exciting opportunities and resources waiting for you on our website, we believe in the power of exploration.

To experience the full spectrum of what we offer, dive into our website, and uncover the invaluable insights, events, and connections that await.

When you've discovered the wealth of knowledge, professional growth, and inspiration we provide, we encourage you to sign up for FREE!

More than that, we invite you to share this journey with your associates, peers and anyone who can benefit.

Together, we'll fortify our network, amplify our impact, and embrace a future marked by boundless potential.

Stay connected, stay informed, and be part of the positive change we're all making.


We're so excited to see where the network can take us, but even more about where it can take you! If you haven't already, we strongly encourage you to sign-up to any of our three subscription models. Find the one that suits you right here.

We'd also love to know what issues are important to you. What topics do you think we should be tackling in 2024? What are the burning issues facing you, your business, your community or you personally? Let us know in the comments below.

Stay up-to-date with all things NBWN by connecting with us across social media, all linked below at the bottom of the page (and every page). #YouBelongHere

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