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The Power of Questions

‘The quality of your life is determined by the quality of the questions you ask yourself’ - Tony Robbins

I believe that life is always asking me questions, and urges me to question myself.

I have found that this is key to my personal and spiritual growth. Like most, I use to be too busy to take notice or to take the time to discover the answers that could have improved my life experiences.

I have found that challenging myself to answer questions and being truly honest with myself is extremely powerful - and has enabled me to transform the way I think and feel about life situations, others and myself.

As a coach, therapist and trainer I am able to assist people with transforming the way they experience their lives, simply by the questions I ask them and the inferences that are drawn from their answers.

This has made me utilise the power of asking questions in a way that benefits others.

I have written a short e-book titled 10 Quality Questions for a Life of Quality - to share some of the most powerful questions I have asked myself and others over the years.

Dionne x

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