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The Sadness Diet© - Day 16 (It’s Good To Hug)

Welcome Back

Thank you so much for joining in our Sadness Diet and the journey to happier times.

In everyday life, we realise that there is a time for every purpose under heaven, their will be times when we feel sad and times when we feel happy.

Yesterday we used the resources from Action for Happiness and learnt how mindfulness can help us to get more from each day.

Today we are going to look at some reasons why when we are feeling a bit sad, a good hug can help to change our mood and make us feel a bit better.

The information today comes from

Feedback from Yesterday

I hope after yesterday, you will able to take time to enjoy your surroundings.

Today - 10 Reasons Why We Need at Least 8 Hugs a Day

Hugging therapy is definitely a powerful way of healing.

Research shows that hugging (and also laughter) is extremely effective at healing sickness, disease, loneliness, depression, anxiety and stress.

The nurturing touch of a hug builds trust and a sense of safety. This helps with open and honest communication.

Hugs can instantly boost oxytocin levels, which heal feelings of loneliness, isolation, and anger.

Holding a hug for an extended time lifts one's serotonin levels, elevating mood and creating happiness.

Hugs strengthen the immune system. The gentle pressure on the sternum and the emotional charge this creates activates the Solar Plexus Chakra.

This stimulates the thymus gland, which regulates and balances the body's production of white blood cells, which keep you healthy and disease free. Hugging boosts self-esteem.

From the time we're born our family's touch shows us that we're loved and special.

The associations of self-worth and tactile sensations from our early years are still imbedded in our nervous system as adults. The cuddles we received from our Mom and Dad while growing up remain imprinted at a cellular level, and hugs remind us at a somatic level of that. Hugs, therefore, connect us to our ability to self love.

Hugging relaxes muscles. Hugs release tension in the body. Hugs can take away pain; they soothe aches by increasing circulation into the soft tissues.

Hugs balance out the nervous system. The galvanic skin response of someone receiving and giving a hug shows a change in skin conductance.

The effect in moisture and electricity in the skin suggests a more balanced state in the nervous system - parasympathetic.

Hugs teach us how to give and receive. There is equal value in receiving and being receptive to warmth, as to giving and sharing.

Hugs educate us how love flows both ways. Hugs are so much like meditation and laughter. They teach us to let go and be present in the moment. They encourage us to flow with the energy of life.

Hugs get you out of your circular thinking patterns and connect you with your heart and your feelings and your breath.

The energy exchange between the people hugging is an investment in the relationship. It encourages empathy and understanding..

“We need four hugs a day for survival. We need eight hugs a day for maintenance. We need twelve hugs a day for growth.” - Virginia Satir - Family Therapist
Instant Feel Good (Please Try to Do this at Least Once a Day)
  • Sit down

  • Breathe in slowly and Breathe out Slowly (Do this a couple of times) .

  • Breathe in slowly and then laugh out loud slowly (do this a couple of times).

  • Say - I am so grateful and happy to be alive to see another day.

  • Think and focus on something that makes you feel happy or just make sing and dance to my favourite “wake up I feel happy boom, boom, I feel like dancing around boom boom, and now I am dancing line no one’s watching boom, boom”.

  • Smile – Just spend a few seconds smiling, and then I want you to give out a couple of big laughs (hahaha).

  • Get your Gift of a smile box, and make use of the items as you continue to feel good and smile.

  • Now give yourself a big hug them go and share a smile and a hug with someone else!.

See you tomorrow and may the SMILE always be with you!


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