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Top 100 Most Influential Black People on Digital/Social Media

I have written an article listing the top 100 most influential black people on digital/social media.

I wrote the blog post because I got fed up of seeing lists of influential people and speaker line ups that were distinctly lacking in people of colour.

My hope is that the list gets shared widely and lots of people start to take note of the names so that the next time they are putting together a list the more black people will be front of mind.

People on the list have been selected and ranked based on the following criteria:

  • Being active on a social media platform, i.e regularly posting updates that engage their audience and get re shared• Being active on more than one social media platform.

  • Klout score (Whilst I’ve used this to rank people I did note that there are instances where the score seemed at odds with the individual’s sphere of influence. No one was excluded from the list solely because they weren’t listed on Klout),

  • Contributing to publications.

  • Speaking at major conferences.

  • Size of community

Our very own Sonia Brown is on the list, which should come as no surprise.

The article is published here on my website.

Please take a look, leave a comment and share it widely. Who know perhaps next year you could be on the list too.

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