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Tribute To Our Friends Who Passed In The New Cross Fire

Unveiling Artistic Mural in memory of those who passed and are still affected by the New Cross Fire, 40 years on!

Richard Simpson, owner of CUMMIN UP Caribbean Takeaway says “I want to mark my 30th year of trading with a fitting memorial to my personal friends who lost their lives in the New Cross Fire at 339 New Cross Road.”

We want to show our own tribute to OUR FRIENDS!!

“As young teenagers at the time, we never got the chance to express how we felt” he continued “I spoke with a friend who was also at the party; we are now in our 50’s. She reminded me that we are now grand-parents, and 40 years on, many of us who were in attendance as young black teenagers, were traumatised"

Richard went on to say:

“The voices of many young black teenagers, who are now parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents;, those who experienced trauma, are still walking around “in-trauma” we are the “Voices-Unheard” and will carry our trauma with us for the rest of our lives, post-traumatic therapy was not offered to any of us. We have had to lean on each other for support and some have not been able to cope with such a life-changing traumatic experience.”

We gain strength by also acknowledging the strength of others including:

  • The 40th year of Bob Marley passing.

  • The 50th year of first black police officer in London Borough of Lewisham David Michael MBE.

  • The 100th year of burning down and destruction of first “Black Wall Street” in Tulsa, USA

The tribute takes place on Saturday 22nd January 2022 at 265 New Cross Road, London SE14.

Attendees are asked to arrive at 11:30am for prompt 12:00PM NOON Start!

For further information contact: Richard Simpson or -07831 42 31 63 or Sis. Stella Headley – 0776 98 13 79


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