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Walking Your Path - Is This Really What You Desire?

As you walk you path today, know that there will be times when you are put to the test. When life asks you 'Is This Really What You Desire?'. When you make a commitment and dedicate your life to something, be it a line of work, a charitable cause, a relationship etc. there may be times when things seems to be going against you and no matter what you do seems to be the right thing.

At times like this ask yourself... 'Is This Really What I Desire?'

if the answer is yes; pick yourself up brush yourself off and continue on your journey, whilst re-discovering and rekindling the passion and desire that set you in the said direction in the first place. If the answer is no - consider if you are really on the path that you truly desire and if you are easily swayed by tests (big or small) whether this is the path for you right now. Remember - All Roads Lead To Your Success Regards Dionne x

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