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What is a Breakthrough Coaching Session?

Many people are looking for the answers to live their lives in a way that is different from what they are currently experiencing.

Over the last ten years I have discovered and developed proven tools, methods and strategies that free individuals to experience their lives in an assistive rather than restrictive way.

Many people are living double lives - as they seek to mask what is really going on for them internally.

Having to pretend, can be burdensome and can lead to a person living an unbalance or double life. Let me help you with putting together the pieces and start peeling back the layers that suppress the true you and your greatness.

This powerful and awakening 'process' is not for everyone. A breakthrough session works best if..

  • you would like more out of life and are serious about making changes.

  • your prepared to take full RESPONSIBILITY for your own progress & RESULTS.

  • your prepared to put excuses aside and your prepared to take ACTION.

  • you realise the benefits of investing in your personal development.

  • your prepared to 'feel the fear' and go through this process anyway.

"Dionne, thank you so much for such an amazing day, I can't believe we covered so much ground in that time...I feel really positive... I can't wait to start moving forward with my actions. I really needed your skills and 'intuition' to take the next step though!" - Ms. Plank - Learning and Development Director

With a full day of coaching you can engage in a process of deep self-exploration, that guarantees to uncover the personal barriers that prevent you from moving forward.

Uncovering the things (you may be consciously or unconsciously aware of) that contribute to you living your life the way it is today.

Together we explore your past, present and future, to assist you with making better choices that lead to positive action and outcomes.

A chance to dig deep into the foundations of your life, with a full day of intensive coaching. Which in turn assists you with quick, effective and long-lasting change.

I take a holistic approach to my work, assisting individuals with getting to deep and unconscious levels. This ensures we get to the heart of the problem. As that is where we can uncover the root causes, and thus the solutions.

Using a combination of powerful and holistic techniques, we will work together to get to the deep structure of your problems.

During the breakthrough session you are guaranteed to have an undeniable experience, and revelations that have the ability to change your outlook.

In my sessions I use the latest technologies in human change, such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Quantum Linguistics, Time Line Therapy and Hypnosis, in combination with my own techniques and ideas.

" 'GOD sent' is the phrase I would use to describe my sessions... The information was always and still is useful but the spirit behind the delivery was the most inspiring and encouraging thing. I have no idea where Dionne gets her energy from! I guess from a place of love and dedication only born from answering's one's life call. Dionne is amazing at what she does and she still has so much more to give. I'm grateful and blessed to have had her coax me through the rough parts of the journey. I give thanks! " - R. Jabari - Singer/Song Writer

What would it be worth to learn how to live as your true self, creating desired results and achieving your true potential, using nothing more than your personal power and the unlimited resources of your mind?

Read on to find out how this life changing opportunity will assist you with:

  • identifying your own unique formula that currently either assists or restricts you and how to develop a new one (if required).

  • assessing how your inner world reflects your outer world using 4 easy steps.

  • discovering how you produce results, based on things that maybe out-of-awareness.

  • developing the 3 key elements that will assist you to live as your true self.

  • breaking through unwanted patterns and cycles by getting to the root of why they exist in your life and for what purpose.

  • the 4 crucial questions that will challenge negative thoughts and emotions and how to use them.

  • how to free yourself from childhood conditioning and the psychology of your childhood.

  • identifying the significant emotional events in your life that contribute to fuelling any negative emotions, limiting beliefs and anxieties.

  • overcoming and starting to releasing 5 main negative emotions.

  • identifying your unique strategies for achieving outcomes, and how you represent this experience internally and externally in three key steps.

  • break down your unwanted habits and develop a simple personalised method for developing new habits.

  • reveal the different parts of yourself and start to re-integrate any parts that make you feel unbalanced and not whole.

  • identifying any sources of anxiety-provoking assumptions and developing strategies to overcome them.

  • eliciting your values and primary motivations that either drive you towards or away from producing the results you desire in your life.

  • start focusing on how to create what you desire in life, rather than what you don't want and develop well-formed goals that you can start putting into action straight away.

To book a session or for further info visit

Copyright Dionne Jude 2008

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