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When to Quit Your Job and Start a Business

I want to get into owning my own business, but I’m not sure about the timing. Should I start working on the side first and then leave my job if things look good, or make a clean break right away? —J.A., Redding, California

The answer to your popular question probably depends on your situation and the kind of business you’re planning to run.

Many entrepreneurs start pursuing a venture in the evenings and on weekends: Think freelance service providers and home-based crafters whose product lines catch on and develop a following large enough to justify their full-time attention.

Others plunge directly into full-time entrepreneurship, because they can’t afford to be distracted by a day job and need to demonstrate their commitment to their business concept.

Experts, too, are divided on the answer to your question.

One camp strongly advocates testing the waters of entrepreneurship and then easing gradually into having your business support you full-time.

The other says you can’t start a successful business without a strong commitment from the start.

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