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Window Curtains - A Brief Look in the History

Window curtains have been around for centuries now. However, do you know from where these curtains came?

Well, for over decades, window curtains of different types have been used to accentuate room spaces and add a sense of privacy. So, how the first curtains were made?

The first window curtains were typically made out of animal hides. Those hides were then installed over the doors, and doorways and also locked with hooks.

Hides were stiff and since these could not be draped, they did not seem much appealing.

Gradually, with the innovations in the textile production industry, including dying and weaving, household textiles emerged into something real-looking curtains similar to what we find today.

Other textiles and materials were used to design blankets, hangings or bed hangings.

When spun in ancient Egypt, the textiles were comprised of flax and linen, after which, cotton, wool, and silk were also used to manufacture a wide range of window coverings.

While there is very little evidence about the Early and Middle Ages in terms of window coverings and other hangings, it is believed that people residing in palaces, used to place woven curtains over their windows and doors. These were used to basically keep a warm atmosphere while, keeping the cold out, especially if the palaces were situated in some chilly regions including England and Northern Europe.

Prior to the glass being manufactured, wooden slats were also utilized over the windows, and curtains were used to help in adding warmth to the rooms. During the era of the renaissance, households started to consider living in present-day homes, with glass windows.

In order to cover the light coming in from the glass windows, people realised the importance of window curtains again.

Several years later, window curtains evolved to provide both, warmth and privacy, which helped curtains gain huge popularity across the globe. Today, window curtains have come a long way in adding comfort, privacy and warmth in rooms. However, if you feel like changing the décor of your home, you can simply bring the trendiest curtains and give them a different look and feel like never before.

Window coverings and curtains are available on the web at reasonable prices. Whether you have a simple home setting or a contemporary one, you can invest some time on the internet to discover a splendid range of curtains matching your home.

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