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How To Look And Be Approachable

One of the most important aspects of being approachable is that it enables authentic connections. This level of connection creates recognition of your qualities, charisma and existence.

The link between authenticity, connection and bonding is simple; a connection is made when the bond is made, and bonding is only made if your authenticity is transpired.

How many times have you seen it in the movies?

Boy meets girl, girl’s approachability makes boy fall in love, and the portrayed authenticity and sincerity make them live happily ever after.

We want to achieve approachability and authenticity not only in our personal lives but in our business and professional lives as well.

Here are five tips to becoming more approachable that will help build your authentic image, meet your goals and display the qualities that you want your clients, colleagues or companies to see in you.

When meeting someone for the first time, the human brain makes a decision if it is a friend or a foe. We can’t control it. So a pleasing image will always help to be qualified as a friend and enable a longer interaction.

A pleasing image often includes a kind of harmony, fitting, putting together, combined with codes associated with the country, the community, the business and the person we are talking to.

It requires you to know and master your style (a colour that suit you, the right shape of clothes, perfectly groomed) and show awareness of the etiquette of your counterpart (appropriate business level). Body language speaks volumes.

To be more approachable, learn to fine-tune how to make your body language make you more approachable and validate your total image.

Adjust your posture, straighten your head higher and do not slump your shoulders or make them too closed..

Even if you're sitting down, adjust your back position to a slight lean to make yourself comfortable and more open.

In whichever settings you are invited in, be mindful and try to identify which of your body language is inviting or dissuading others.

As a result, some barriers will be easier to overcome, these can be national, cultural, or religious hindrances that make it an obstacle to relate with others and feel connected.

This coupled with the ability to understand the world, the company and the culture helps to integrate and assimilate which brings you closer to being approachable.

In fact, it allows you to build authentic bonds and connections with people often with a commonality of understanding.

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