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Maximising Your Networking Experience

The old adage is "2 heads are better than 1" and "A problem shared is a problem halved" says that when 2 or more people come together to solve a problem, more answers to solving that problem will be given.

This way of collaborative thinking could be the answer to more and more women selecting this option to ensure success in business.

The current networking model has been designed by men. The worst mistake

Networking Clubs run by women can make is to continue to organise networking in the same vein, to do so is to go against the natural flow and rhythm of women.

Women are different, think differently and do things different from men. Women should concentrate on using their amazing strengths and exploiting these to improve their experience on the networking circuit, thus furthering their careers.

Women are intuitive, we are natural born socialisers, we are helpers, and we work best when we come together to solve problems and this is why women should create a networking events model that suits their feminine qualities/characteristics.

A new networking model the "collaborative thinking" model is an extension of how women are really wired and includes all the major components that will guarantee success.

The trend for exchanging business cards and wasting time not talking to the right people are over. A woman's strength is to organise gatherings and introduce guests to each other.

The new "Collaborative Thinking" networking model for women, should incorporate this with event organisers being catalyst to introductions and possible matchmaking to iron out the numerous flaws in the present networking model which has been touted for far too long.

More time should be spent at Women's networking events encouraging, supporting collaboratively spending time on resolving business challenges - this in itself will increase the success of business women and will prove a better use of their time.

It will mean that on leaving such events, women will feel empowered to make more decisive decisions as a result of collaborative thinking which guarantees to unlock the creativity of all who take part.

The Collaborative Thinking model will focus more on proactively resolving business

problems, getting the right people to connect with one another at the event, increased self-esteem and self-confidence.

The tide is changing, a woman's time is limited so she will need to seek out those networking events that educate, empower, inspire and motivate her to reclaim her personal power and reshape the way she thinks and handles business.

SANDRA JARVIS is the Founder & C.E.O. of W.I.S.H. ~ Women in Search of Happiness a networking and personal empowerment that specialises in Life Coaching, Business networking events, workshops and Dream Out Loud! Mastermind Circles for Women In Business.

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