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Sandra Jarvis Bio

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

In a nutshell

I am “The Pep Talks Coach”. I teach you how to turn your personal & business setbacks in life, into jaw-dropping comebacks, after overhauling & fine-tuning your personal and business brand.

Your female peers will be left trailing miles behind on the lower rungs of the executive career ladder, wondering how on earth you did it!

My clients include executive women and female entrepreneurs in transition and at the crossroads of their life.

My clients grapple with setbacks such as redundancy, career change, being in between jobs, lacking purpose and direction, business start-ups, their businesses needing to be overhauled, and those wanting to reinvent and/or strengthen both their personal and business brands.

My [USP] Unique Selling Proposition

My clients insist on my Coaching services due to my USP (Unique Selling Proposition) ie. not only am I authentic having overcome a diverse range of setbacks in life but also because of my willingness to give a more proactive and hands-on approach— acting as their business partner and providing them with my event & brand management, social media, desktop publishing and marketing skills to help fast-track their business success.

These additional services are the reasons for my client’s rapid business success, as they receive added value, as opposed to the basic coaching services that are normally offered by other Business Coaches.

Profile …

Sandra Jarvis is the Pep Talks Coach, who has written 3 self-help motivational books, including “How to Effectively Recover and Successfully Bounce Back From the Hard Knocks of Life”.

Sandra has devised a ground-breaking life management tool, in the form of the TALK™ life management system.

This unique life transformation process enables executive women who are seeking ultimate happiness to effectively recover and bounce back successfully from the many knocks of life.

The comeback experience for executive women undergoing this amazing TALK™ system is ever so spectacular— they will leave their female peers trailing miles behind on the rungs of the executive career ladder.

The TALK™ system is the catalyst that enables executive women to emerge with an ethical bespoke Authenticity & Branding Plan™ containing the blueprints of their unique “Life Mission, Life Path and Life Purpose”.

It is inevitable that those executive women undergoing this ground-breaking and life-changing TALK™ life management system will experience high self-esteem and increased self-confidence which will lead not only to purposeful career acceleration but also to the privilege of them doubling their income. They will also gain massive personal growth and ultimate business success.

Sandra, herself has experienced weight gain issues, ballooning to a size 22 dress, and finally, through sheer hard work, willpower and determination worked her way back down to a healthy size 12-14.

She has also experienced post-natal depression, sleep deprivation, full-blown depression, health issues, domestic abuse, unemployment, financial hardship, redundancy, single parenthood, homelessness, and social isolation after moving from Harlesden, North West London with her parents simultaneously immigrating back to the Commonwealth of Dominica, Eastern Caribbean island, (not to ever be confused with Dominican Republic, Western Caribbean).

She subsequently lost both her parents to cancer within 2 years of each other. She experienced the many hard knocks of life, as mentioned above, within a 7-year continuous life cycle.

Sandra clearly understands the need for women to have life management tools and strategies to cope with the ever-increasing demands of life especially when your world has been turned upside down and you are clueless on how to fix it and turn things around.

Her life experiences have led her to run coaching programmes and workshops for women to show them how like herself, they too can turn their setbacks in life into jaw-dropping comebacks that will leave their female peers wondering how on earth did she do it!

Her clients range from overworked women executives currently in life transition, either being made redundant, starting a business, stuck in a career, in-between jobs, looking for purpose, needing motivation and encouragement, and experiencing feelings of unworthiness and are totally discouraged by these setbacks.

Her diverse range of skills enables her not only to provide coaching and consultancy services but to also offer her clients her event management services and desk-top publishing services to help accelerate their business.

The TALK™ 4-stage coaching process that Sandra devised consists of:-

T = TEACH with impactful life management tools such as Business Overhaul Strategies™ and Life Overhaul Strategies™ tools. Clients are taught how to clearly and succinctly define who they are, what they want and what they do in life.

A = AUTHENTIC (from the inside out) & AFFIRMING this is the personal empowerment “What is Holding You Back?” excavation process where clients take of “their masks” and get to grips with clearly identifying and permanently eliminating their own unique sabotaging mechanisms, and will come out of the process with their unique and bespoke AUTHENTICITY & BRANDING PLAN™

L = LIFE MISSION/VISION/PATH clients learn how to revisit and re-trace their life journey to heal themselves from the past and align themselves to their unique life mission, purpose and destiny.

K = KNOW the importance of keeping up the momentum, by kissing themselves daily by how they treat themselves to increase/maintain self-love and self-acceptance, walking and talking authentically using the TALK™ system cess they will know how to effortlessly achieve their goals and dreams despite the knocks of life.


Upon completion of the TALK™ system, executive women will know how to successfully bounce back, re-invent themselves and confidently handle and overcome any knock that life may throw at them, using their setbacks to create greater success.

For more information on how you can undergo the ground-breaking TALK process please email


Sandra Jarvis is available to give motivational talks to women executives within corporate organisations as well as Clubs and Professional Associations.


On becoming my client, I teach you how to turn your personal & business setbacks in life, into jaw-dropping comebacks, after overhauling & fine-tuning your personal and business brand. Your female peers will be left trailing miles behind on the lower rungs of the executive career ladder, wondering how on earth you did it!

If you would like to fast-track your business and personal success email: to learn more about my coaching services.

For more information on the TALK™ system or The Bounce Back From Hard Knocks Workshop, the Bounce Back from Hard Knocks coaching programmes, or to have Sandra Jarvis as your keynote speaker at your event please call 07538 653247 or email:

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