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Step Out on Faith People!

Do you think Bill Gates (Microsoft) and Warren Buffett and the Google President had doubts? They strived to move ahead and make things happen.

The Spirited Actor website launched on February 14, 2007, A website for actors and models.

Our website has 3 Tier Memberships with the lowest $14.95 per month. (An investment of less than 50 CENTS a DAY).

If I was an Actor or Model, I would Join the Membership which offers Online Video Acting Workshops. Tell a Friend Today!

Log onto: and step out on faith!

Tracey Moore is the Founder/CEO of The Spirited Actor, Inc:

  1. African American Woman

  2. A Mother of 2

  3. African American Business Woman

* The question I ask everyone on this website is:

1. Why do our People not support Black-Owned Businesses???

* If you know someone who wants to be a Model or Actor. Have them check out The Spirited Actor before they spend lots of money on some other business.


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