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The Sadness Diet© - Day 19 (Time to Review and Reflect)

The idea of The Sadness Diet© is for us to look at the things that make us sad, and together find ways to help us feel happier and have a reason to wake up each day with a smile.

So on this journey, we will all Support, Motivate, Inspire, Love, and Encourage each other. Method we will use is called “IGROWS” turn our sadness into Joy. (Issue, Goals, Reality, Options, Willingness and Smiles)

I Am Excited!

I am feeling so excited that I have managed to keep on writing about the Sadness Diet, and I am grateful for all the wonderful comments and feedback that you have given me.

Over the last 18 days, we all must have had some unexpected news or situation, that stopped us on our track and seemed to mess up our well laid plans.

In those moments, we may have cried, felt disappointed and frustrated, but in time, we got over it, and still carry on with our lives realising that sadness is temporary and it’s all part of life.

We realise that their have also been opportunities and situations that made us stop and say “…..despite it all, but still I smile!"

Time to Review and Reflect

Today, we will take time to review your progress so far as well as time for you to catch up on any of the day’s activity you may have missed,

Activity 1 – go through all the different articles I have brought to you as part of this 21 days sadness diet and pick up the key things that matter to you.

Activity 2 - Come up with ways you can incorporate some of the ideas into your daily lifestyle e.g One of the things I do each day is to meditate at least 10 minutes in the morning and before I go to sleep.

Activity 3 – What things will you take on board to help you at moments when you feel sad? E.g I keep my box of smiles in my bag daily so that at moment when I feel sad and I find a quite place to reflect on the items in it.

Activity 3 – What Are You Grateful For?

Just take a moment to write down all the people, things, situations that you are grateful for right now?

For example, for me, I am so grateful, thankful and happy that I have been able to secure part time contracts which will now allow me to have regular monthly income each month.

Thanks for taking time out to be part of this journey, and see you tomorrow when we will look at the Law of Attraction.


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