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When Did Your Life Take On New Meaning?

I sat down this morning to review the day ahead. Whilst browsing I came across something that prompted me to stop what I was doing and ask myself a new question. The question was "When did your life take on new meaning?" As I sipped on my hot chocolate and thought about the answer, I realised that there have been many times that have prompted my life to take on new meaning or move in a new direction. The most significant event in the last few years has been the process whereby I have identified, explored and released my personal barriers.

This has allowed me to trust, accept and love who I am being, what I am doing and having. I am now in a place where I have stepped into my greatness - doing what I am passionate about, in a way that makes a great contribution to the life of others.

A new dawn is arising in my life - as I continue to peel back the layers and let my true light shine. When did your life take on new meaning? 'The Golden Girl'

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