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Can We All Make Time for Some Great SistaTalk?

When I first started this blog in May 2008, I never would have imagined that I would wake up in January 2009 and there would be a black President of the United States. The world is changing rapidly.

We are living in an important period of change, challenges and compromise.

We are living in the Obama season and, first and foremost, this blog is to remind us all to make the most of this site and play an active part (with your profile, photos, sharing and networking).

Also, this blog, since May, has become a kind of daily noticeboard where friends and anyone interested can stop by to share their thoughts and day.

Please visit the last page to post new comments for me.

Have you explored this site? Now that you've had a chance to tour around a bit, don't you just love the thought of this network and what it can do for your life, your network and even your business?


Remember 'Waiting to Exhale' movie where the women share some moment? Where the connection between those women was so strong it was above the judgemental?

SistaTalk to me is like our own "exhale" moment. I love what it might do if we were to all seriously start sharing and using the resource as our international counterparts do.

What is the fear of the British black networker? Why do we take longer to upload photos, accept friendship offers and really share?

Sonia and Dwayne, thank you. I personally think that you've created a mechanism that is right on time.

With the diminishing existence of the black network, SistaTalk is offering a much-needed option to connect.

When I say black network I mean that in the inclusive sense of the word, as we are an inclusive people.

I joined as one of the first group of members in May 2008. This year, 2009, like no other is a year when we need to bridge that gap and share without our own networks.

What a great start to the year with the first black Presidential Inauguration in January.

For us in the UK, the 2012 race is on and we are being left behind unless we can start bonding and exchanging.

There is a wealth of knowledge, success and experience in our network. Please take the time to really use such resources and make the most of our online world.

I wish everyone the best in what they want from SistaTalk and other connections.

If anyone agrees out there I would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks to everyone for your support, sharing and caring.

Peace as always, Saundra

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