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Love The Job You’re In

There are many women in their forties who are unhappy at work but for one reason or another are not in a position to do anything about it.

This could be because they have young children, are caring for elderly parents, have financial reasons and many more.

So, what is the alternative if you are unhappy at work but are not in a position to change career?

If all avenues within your existing organisation have been exhausted, an alternative is to learn to love the job that you are in.

Research shows that if we can reach a state of optimal experience then we are more likely to enjoy life and be contented and happy.

Optimal experience, or FLOW, as it is otherwise known occurs when we stretch our skills to meet a challenge and our skills and capacity are sufficient to deal with that challenge. So how can you achieve Flow in a job that you are unhappy with? My 5 step SUPER model will help you to achieve this: -

1. Strengths

What are your strengths? Identify what it is in your current role that you are good at and enjoy doing. List as many of your strengths as possible. What feelings do you experience when you do these tasks?

Becoming aware of your strengths and developing them helps to increase motivation, promote growth and development and create purpose.

2. Understand Your Goals

Create variety and flexible challenges in your work. Identify clear goals that will give you immediate feedback.

If you don’t already have personal goals at work, set yourself some. Make sure your goals are challenging and that they are within your skill capability.

If you do not have the skills to do what you are trying to achieve this can lead to stress and anxiety.

If a goal is not stretching or challenging you enough, this can lead to boredom.

If you find that you easily achieve what is required of you, set yourself a personal challenge to achieve more.

If you are struggling to achieve what is required of you, develop your skills.

3. Practice Complete Concentration

Immerse yourself in what it is that you are doing and practice complete focus and concentration on the task at hand so it is as if you become lost in the interaction.

4. Erase Self-Awareness, Self-Consciousness and Sense of Time

Create a sense of control by losing self-consciousness in the activity that you are doing. If your skills and challenge match, your sense of self-control increases.

5. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat…

Repeat these activities to increase the number of times you experience flow at work and it will help you to start to love the job you’re in.

How in flow are you with what you do? Whilst I truly believe that women should find their purpose and passion when it comes to a career, I do recognise that for some, personal circumstances may dictate that you are not able to leave your existing role at the moment.

If this applies to you, for help in finding your FLOW, email


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