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Panache e-Magazine - Issue 46

Dear Readers,

On behalf of all at Panache Occasions Ltd, publishers of Panache-E-Magazine and host of Miss Caribbean UK, we would like to wish you all a Blessed Holiday and a Peaceful, Positive and Prosperous New Year.

This month’s edition is focused, as always, on looking positively towards the future and realizing the goals that we make for the year ahead as individuals and as a community.

Some goals, however, by their very nature, are not achievable in one year or even several years and so need even more focus.

Getting our communities to work together to achieve economic independence is an example of one long-term goal that we hope we will soon attain.

We have more to tell you about how we are making advances towards reaching that particular objective in the New Year.

As well as highlighting the positive endeavours of BAME individuals, our aim has always been to encourage our communities to become stronger by encouraging closer ties between communities across the UK and the Caribbean.

To this end, we created the Miss Caribbean UK pageant. (Please visit to read more.

Miss Caribbean UK 2015 was held on 5th December 2015, with dignitaries from Caribbean countries and patrons from across the UK. Next year make sure you are there!

Remember ladies, applications are now open for you to enter Miss Caribbean UK 2016.

Please visit to enter.

In this month’s edition of Panache Magazine we feature: Miss Caribbean UK at the Shaw Theatre, plus many more interesting features, articles and competitions for your enjoyment.

Please read and enjoy and remember this African saying: “Lions that do not work together can be defeated by a limping buffalo.”

Clayton Brown Editor

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