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Self Acceptance

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Self Acceptance Definition

Acceptance means the act of accepting or the state of being accepted and approved.

Accept Thyself Wholeheartedly and You Will Begin to Win Again and Again in the Game We Call Life.

In the right arena, you will be celebrated, your relationships will flow and you will feel your confidence boosted and affirmed.

Today go where you know you will be supported mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Avoid those individuals, groups, things and places that leave you doubting yourself, leaving you drained and in some cases distraught.

Accept that you may not be “everyone’s cup of tea”, so that is why you must pay attention to those environments that accept you and nurture your mind, body and soul.

Seek to spend as much time in nurturing environments as you can – you will know when you have arrived.

Loving the skin that you are in does not come easily, therefore self-acceptance can only come about when you come to your senses and realise that “YOU” are in fact “enough”.

You are unique, there is no one like you, and that is ok. Stop comparing yourself to others, ie that you think you are too skinny, you think that you are carrying too much “luscious” weight, this one and that one looks better, talks better, lives better. Enough!

Take the emphasis of others and place it on yourself. You are special, you were blessed with unique talents and skills, think about it - you were given your own set of fingerprints for God’s sake!!!

You are a miracle – the fact is you are a beautiful soul: you are God’s gift to the world!

May you begin to accept yourself more fully, may you accept that you are God’s gift to the world and flaunt it! Starting from today, make yourself happy & enjoy each day that you are here!

10 Points on Self-Acceptance
  1. Self-acceptance is the key to success – total acceptance of self means you can begin to attract your good.

  2. Accept that your past is your past and that today is a new day to do things differently.

  3. Accept that nothing can hold you back but you!

  4. Accepting and admitting that you have made a mistake is the key to changing your predicament.

  5. In the right arena, you will be celebrated, accepted and loved.

  6. Accepting your blessings will make room for much more to enter your life.

  7. Acceptance of self is the beginning of working together as one mind, one body and one spirit.

  8. Begin to accept that there is more to you than meets the eye – be ready and willing to unleash your talents unto the world.

  9. The moment you truly accept that you are talented, intelligent and creative – watch how your gifts unfold and the opportunities that accompany them.

  10. Accepting yourself signals to the world that you are willing to receive abundance.


As a woman in search of happiness, I accept that I am unique, I am special and deserve love, joy, peace and happiness.

Excerpts from the book “90 Days of Motivational Pep Talks for Women in Search of Happiness", by Sandra Jarvis


Sandra Jarvis is an effervescent and dynamic Motivational Speaker, Trainer/Life Coach, Event Organizer, and author of “90 Days of Motivational Pep Talks for Women in Search of Happiness” and “40 Empowering Pep Talks for Busy Mums: Motivational "Pick Me Up" messages to Kick-start Your Day!”

Having experienced post-natal depression, sleep deprivation, full-blown depression, domestic abuse, unemployment, social isolation after moving from Harlesden, London, (UK) and losing both her parents within 2 years of each other, Sandra understands the need for women to have tools and strategies to cope with the increasing demands of life especially when your world has been turned upside down and you are clueless on how to fix it and turn things around. As a result of her life experiences, she has created the Emancipate! A Woman's Journey of Self-discovery to show women how to create a life "tailor-made for their own unique needs and expectations. She currently runs monthly Emancipate! A Journey of Self Discovery Personal Empowerment Workshops for Women, alongside her coaching practice.


Sandra Jarvis is available to give motivational talks to Women Executives within corporate organisations, mixed groups, Women's groups, Church groups, College/University students, school children and Mums groups.

For more information please call 07538 653247 / 020 3620 7343 or email:



Emancipate! Life Makeover Workshops for Women on Saturday 8th December 2012 @ 1.00pm (places are still available) Phone: 07538 653247 or 020 3620 7343 for an informal chat, or simply email: with your queries.


If you are interested in receiving pep talk messages that will jump-start your heart/mind and get you "totally and utterly fired up", and wish to receive our any of our Platinum, Gold or Silver Pep Talks Email Coaching packages to suit your own budget. Email Sandra Jarvis, Pep Talks Coach via

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