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The Sadness Diet© - Day 1

Thank you so much for joining in our Sadness Diet!

The Idea

The idea of The Sadness Diet© is for us to look at the things that make us sad, and together find ways to help us feel happier and have a reason to wake up each day with a smile. So on this journey, we will all Support, Motivate, Inspire, Love, and Encourage each other.

To Start with (My Journey to a Happier Life)

Take our your Journal or book that you will be using to record your journey to being happier by writing on the front cover “My Journey to a Happier Life”.

You could also draw a picture of you being happy, or you could take a selfie of you smiling, print it out and stick it in the front of your book/journal.

You then need to make sure that you put your book somewhere prominent that you can see each day, or you may want to carry it around in your hand bag etc so that you can refer to it on a regular basis.

Method We Will Use is Called “IGROWS” (Issue, Goals, Reality, Options,Willingness and Smiles

During the next 21 days I will introduce you to 'IGROWS' which is part of a coaching model I learnt as the Coaching Academy and something that I use to solve challenges I face.


As we start this journey, I want you to try and develop the mindset and believe that it is OK to be sad at times and to express our sadness.

I love the saying “there is a time for every purpose under heaven”; a time to be sad and a time to be happy


For this programme to work, we all need to commit to spend the minimum of 20 minutes each day to work at the tasks that I set daily as this will really help us all move quickly towards our journey of being happier.


Please feel free to comment and add your suggestions at any time on this blog.

Activity 1

Complete the front cover of your journal/book with the title My Journey to a Happier Life.

IGROWS (Issue, Goals, Reality, Options,Willingness and Smiles)

So today we start with the first letter I – which stands for Issue. The issue we are dealing with is sadness.

Activity 2

In your journal I would like you to write

"Today, my happiness level on a scale between 1-10 is………….."

Activity 3

In your book/journal, I would like you to write down everything right now that makes you feel sad, and why it makes you sad.

Activity 4

Look through your list and indicate with different coloured pens what you have control over, and what is beyond your control.

Activity 5

Draw a heart shape and write down all the things in life right now that you are grateful for.

That’s it for today – OK now its time for you to complete all the activities I have suggested as a time that suits you, but try your best to do what you can by tomorrow, and if you need help do let me know.

Remember “ Sadness is always temporary. This too shall pass away"


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