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We're Taking Back Our Power!; An Anti-Bullying Week Poem

To mark and celebrate Anti-Bullying Week (November 15 - 22), I penned a poem, in my role as an Educator, to inspire and empower my learners to stand together against the pain of bullying.

The effects of bullying, from the classroom to the boardroom, are widespread, harrowing and deeply hurtful.

This poem harnesses the power of togetherness and rouses the quiet courage in each of us to stand up to the hatred of bullies.

We're Taking Back Our Power!

Bullies break hearts

When they fire hurtful darts

By pushing, shoving, and calling us "smelly farts"

They use their power

To make us cower

It's no wonder

That we'll stand for it no longer!

Bullies break our bones

When they kick us around like stones

We're left feeling like unbaked scones

Tossing and turning with deep painful groans

Well... We're Taking Back Our Power!

No longer will we cower

Though your hatred looms like a tower

We choose to bloom like a well-rooted flower.

We feel the sting of your words - so sour!

We shudder morning, noon and night - even in the shower

But our pain has become our power

And together, with one another we empower

To rise like self-raising flour.


To the bullies we encounter

This is our hour

To stand together

You cannot devour

Our collective superpower


To all the bullies out there -

We've had enough, we will not fear!

We'll stand up to you, we know this is rare

We've got our own special protective gear

We remind ourselves we're worthy of self-care

This is the only way to call this madness "fair"

So, STOP the hate, this is a dare!

This. Is. A. Dare!

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